Guide Lines

Our Order is a private society of Brothers and Sisters, part of which are knighted, the "Templars". Our Grand Priory also has a division "Cavalaria Templari", brothers and sisters dressed in the so-called "black leather vests" with patches, not to be confused with motorcycle clubs, we are certainly NOT MC!!!

We find knowledge about, among other things, the history of the Knights Templar very important and therefore also ask for your interest in this.

Upon joining the Order, a short course will have to be taken to acquire some basic knowledge, only after that is progression possible.

Social interest, values ​​and norms are of paramount importance to us.

We respect the Historical Rules of the Order, its Traditions, its Customs and Rituals.

As an Order, we are socially representative and are composed of all layers of the population, everyone is equal to us!

We are committed to people, animals and the environment.

We consider it our task to help/less fortunate
and those in need, where needed.
We therefore support various charities, often on the initiative of our Brothers and Sisters.

We believe in the existence of GOD, as Supreme Being, as Builder of the Universe.

We do not give a definition to the Supreme Being and leave everyone free to form a personal opinion about it.

We ask our members to respect the views of others, each individual has their own truth.

We reject all forms of religious wars and reject all forms of aggression, violence and terrorism. We oppose any form of injustice, oppression and discrimination by any group of people!