History of the modern Order

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The Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem (OSMTJ) is an autonomous international ecumenical Christian order organized and operated under the Swiss Civil Code for Associations (Verein).

The Order traces its heritage to the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, founded in Jerusalem circa AD 1118 and supports many of the ideals embodied in the dedication and sacrifice of the Knights of the original Order.

The present Order is self-governing, subject to no higher authority other than obedience and devotion to the Christian chivalric ideals and teachings, and to the promulgation and dissemination of those ideals and teachings throughout the world.

The Order derives its power to rule from the consent of its members, its Christian strength from its religious patrons, and its knightly authority from its royal patrons.

The purposes include:
To provide an opportunity for the practice of Ecumenical Christianity to support the precepts of Christian chivalry and to explore and follow the historical ideals of the ancient Order.

To encourage and promote humanitarian work and charity in general.

To encourage all that is for the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind in accordance with the first great principle of the Order, embodied in its motto: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to thy name give glory. ”

The Order is not organized for profit and no portion of the Order's net income accrues to any individual.


The Order is a community of Christian men and women formed to start Commanderies, Priories and Grand Priories around the world.

The Order does not influence legislation and does not participate in any campaign for or against political candidates.

The Order fell silent in 1314 with the death of its Grand Master, Jacques De Molay, and was restored by Imperial Decree in 1807 by His Imperial Majesty Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1853 it was recognized by Emperor Napoleon III, and in 1918 the Order was re-registered in France in accordance with French law. It was registered in Brussels, Belgium on January 19, 1932, and re-registered in Namur, Belgium on November 15, 1975. Knights become members of a network dedicated to humanity – and each member of the Order has the support of worldwide Templar brothers and sisters, so that if a knight or lady falls or fails in achieving their goals, the members of the Order set them on the right path to continue a life of service.